Auditing is more than just checking the books.

It includes legally required and voluntary inspections of the books as well as special inspections in certain areas. Performance-based auditing expands perspectives. Economic processes and structures can be optimized using knowledge gained from the audit.

Evaluation of companies and corporate groups from a neutral standpoint rounds out the picture.

When international information is needed, we can call on our HLB International Network.

The main areas are:

Business economics consulting

Changing market conditions, driven by increasing globalization, are making it essential for our clients to validate their goals and strategies continually. This requires economic controls and consulting. We accompany our clients efficiently and discretely in all areas of business economics. These include investment planning, financing issues, or setting up control structures.

IT audits

An integral part of annual auditing is an ongoing assessment of the IT systems. Financial and tax-related data analyses are becoming increasingly important, in particular for assessing complex circumstances.

Our activity in this area consists of:   

  • Accompaniment for software installations,
  • Evaluation of fully integrated company resource planning programs,
  • Data consistency inspections for non-integrated systems (implemented management information systems),
  • Examination of data security, data availability, and data integrity,
  • Data analyses with special analysis software (IDEA),
  • Simulation of financial administration tests with GDPdU (Principles of Data Access and Auditability),
  • Support for data selection per GDPdU requirements.
Due Diligence

The acquisition and divestiture of companies or divisions offer both opportunities and risks. Due diligence involves researching and thoroughly understanding the financial situation of a potential targeted company. It is essential for the buyer in order to establish his purchase price and for the future positioning and integration of the company. Due diligence is also used when the purchase is financed by external third parties and is therefore the essential basis of a successful transaction.

International presentation of accounts according to IRFS and US GAAP

In these times of growth and globalization, the requirement for transparency in year-end books has increasingly led to international harmonization of accounting.

Since 2005, capital-market-oriented companies in the EU have been required to prepare their year-end accounts according to IFRS. Other types of companies are to close their books according to US-GAAP. In addition, non-capital-market-oriented companies were given the choice of preparing or releasing group and year-end books according to international accounting practices.

Of course, we are at home with all accounting standards.

Year-end auditing

External year-end auditing is the core area of business auditing and includes legally required inspections, voluntary inspections, and special inspections. We have comprehensive experience in auditing small, medium-sized, and large businesses as well as corporate groups. We apply a comprehensive inspection approach that focuses not just on accounting methods but on all business processes relevant to the year-end books. Our clients value a detailed audit report as a constructive contribution to a valued qualitative company report statement.


Efficient company management requires integrated balance, revenue, and liquidity planning. In this respect we offer support for data acquisition and analysis, compression into key figures for management, control, and information systems, budget preparation and plausibility assessments.

Special audits

Causes of special audits are often company transactions or reorganizations (splits, mergers, purchases, sales).

In this area we offer:

  • Company formation auditing,
  • Indebtedness auditing,
  • In-kind investment auditing,
  • Due diligence auditing

and also all other special audits required under § 258 of the AktG (German Stock Corporation Act), for example.

Company rating

Accompanying our clients in company transactions (purchases and sales) has traditionally been one of our priorities.

Our core capacities therefore also include performing company assessments, using all current evaluation methods, such as the earning power method and the discounted cash flow method. We act either as a consultant, providing support and accompaniment for determining the bases relevant to the decision, or as a neutral third-party expert.

Company transaction

Acquisitions and sales of companies, branch locations, or holdings are major steps for mid-sized companies and can involve considerable commercial risk. Full accompaniment throughout company acquisitions and sales falls within the traditional priorities of the advisors at Westprüfung-Emde.

Professional support in all commercial, legal, and tax-related aspects of such transactions is our promise. We will be at your side from the signing of a non-disclosure agreement or letter of intent through due diligence and contract preparation to execution of the sale contract and company integration.

Business consulting

Business consulting at Westprüfung-Emde includes general business economics consulting and accompaniment during company restructuring, sales, acquisitions, and succession management. Company rating is often necessary for these activities. We offer a comprehensive service due to our interdisciplinary approach.

Business and financial analysis

For founding, expanding, or reorganizing companies, the interdisciplinary approach offered by Westprüfung-Emde is needed for appraising sustainability under particular circumstances. We support our clients in preparing or validating business plans, investment plans, financial statements, and constitution forms with reference to tax-related or financing results.