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Together to serve you

We are pleased to inform you that Emde & Partner and Westprüfung joined forces as of January 1, 2017, becoming your one companion in all areas of auditing, tax consultancy, and legal advisory services as well as business consulting.

Together, as Westprüfung Emde, we are there for you. Your trusted point of contact remains – your possibilities grow.

The partner you know – now at three locations

Our desires to find workable solutions for our clients every day, to be there for you on site, and to offer a wide range of skills for reacting to tomorrow’s challenges have brought us together. Westprüfung Emde is your expert partner.

We place a high value on personal, face-to-face conversation. Both companies have a long tradition of service at their respective locations. With a total of three locations in Bremen, Gießen and Kiel, we are available at all of our locations and ready to serve our clients country-wide.



Our consulting approach

Your business goals are the central aspect of our consulting services in the auditing, tax, and legal areas.

Our activities are distinguished by active consulting, presentation of business alternatives, short reaction times, and individual attention. Our consulting services are supported by a highly skilled team that is always improving personally and professionally through continued training and education. By educating individual employees in different core skills and actively staying up to date with current legal and tax issues, we can offer a high level of consultancy in all areas.

Our connection with HLB International allows us to take advantage of the expertise of our network partners, especially for international issues and activities in the areas of auditing and tax consultancy.

Focused on people

People are the face of a company. They are engaged, have ideas, provide experience, and foster trust and values. At Westprüfung Emde we are focused on people: Clients with their desires and requirements, their ideals and values, served by the partners and employees who are the face of Westprüfung Emde.

Known faces seen in new ways

In these important positions, from time to time we show you another one of our faces. Given his current position as a member of the Board of Tax Consultants and Tax-Related Legal Affairs with the Federal High Court in Karlsruhe, we would like to introduce our partner from Kiel, Magnus von Buchwaldt. For additional information, visit our web page or www.westpruefung-emde.de/partners

Trusted values

As auditors and tax consultants, we dive deeply into our clients’ financial numbers. We routinely analyze numerical data with our specialized knowledge and sharp eye for economic backdrops. We therefore count continuity, experience, reliability, and discretion among our strengths. That’s why our clients have trusted us for generations.